Special Educational Needs & Disability


Mab’s Cross is a school that values and welcomes all, regardless of their abilities or whether they have Special Educational Need or Difficulties (SEND). We work closely with parents and the local authority to ensure that all of our children are appropriately supported and go on to achieve their individual potential – we strive to bring out the best in everyone. Whilst in our care, all children are challenged to succeed and instilled with a desire to learn and progress.

Children who have SEND are admitted in the usual manner as outlined in the school’s admissions arrangements.

It may also be necessary to contact the school SENCO if you have any concerns regarding admission, or wish to tour the school with a particular focus on how we will meet your child’s needs. If you feel this is the case, please contact Mr D Clarke through the school office to make an appointment.

What is the Local Offer for SEND?

The Local Offer was first introduced in a Green Paper (March 2011).  The Green Paper set out its recommendations for revision of SEND provision for children and young people and recommended, ‘a local offer of services available to support disabled children and children with SEN and their families.  This easy to understand information sets out what is normally available in schools to help children with lower level SEN as well as options available to support families who need additional help to care for their child.’ This  progressed to a White Paper which became law in September 2014. The purpose of the Local Offer is to not only improve choice and transparency for families, but also to make provision more responsive to local need through the direct involvement of children, young people and their families.

To find out more about our Local Offer and our SEND Policy, please click on the link below:

Wigan Local Authority ‘Local Offer’ for SEND

SEND Policy

SEND Information Report