Parents’ Forum

Welcome to the Parents’ Forum page! Our school places great importance on the views of our parents and carers – we believe that every voice in our school should be heard so that we can make our school a better place to learn for our students.

The partnership between home and school is vital to ensuring that our students learn, and are happy and safe.

This is why we committed ourselves to earning the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’, and we are pleased to announce that our school has recently achieved this. This award recognises and celebrates that a school has ‘an outstanding and sustainable programme for parental engagement’. A copy of the ‘Final Verification Report’ can be found below and details the objectives and achievements made at Mab’s Cross which led to us achieving the award.

Part of our work towards this award involved the formation of our Parents’ forum. Chaired by Mrs Cunliffe, the forum aims to get a sense of parents’ opinions, and, along with our regular events for parents and questionnaires, allows us to develop and strengthen our home-school partnership.

Minutes and documents will be shared here over the year, along with updates of the work the forum is doing and how this is impacting on the children’s experiences at school.

If you would like to become a member of our Parents’ Forum then please contact school to let us know!

Mabs Cross Final Verification Report PDF

Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 13.02.2019

Mabs Cross Parent Partnership Policy

Parent Forum Meeting Minutes 29.01.2018