Miss Lobedan’s Class

Myself and Mrs Tarbuck, our teaching assistant, would like to welcome you to Reception.



Life in Reception is vibrant and fun, each day is different and exciting!

We offer a nurturing environment that supports the well-being and emotional development of all children to secure their happiness and enable learning to take place.

Our approach is a balance between play based activities, child initiated activities and teaching important skills that will help children become life long learners.

The most exciting thing about our class is the progress we make within four very important life skills; being independent, reading, writing and counting!

We choose our topics through the children’s interest which ensures that the children are motivated and excited to learn. The children then decide themselves what they would like to learn about.

Please remember: our door is always open should you wish to discuss any matters.


Please visit our blog to see all the exciting things we do in class on a day to day basis.



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To find out what we are learning at the moment and about our little reminders, please click on the link below. Here, you will find our latest class newsletter:



Autumn 1 – Do you want to be friends2017

Autumn 2 – Will you read me a story

Spring 1 – What happens when I fall asleep

Spring 2 – Why don’t snakes have legs

Summer 1 – Why are carrots orange

Summer 2 – What lives in rock pools