Mrs. Alcock’s Class

Welcome to Year 1 where our children begin their learning journey.  Our class teacher is Mrs. Alcock and we are very lucky to be supported by Mrs Northmore.



We build on the skills that the children have established in the Foundation Stage and extend their learning so that they can move confidently onto the next stage of their learning journey. We immerse our learning environment to ensure that our children are engaged with our topics.

We learn about a variety of interesting and exciting topics this year:

  • Paws, Claws and Whiskers
  • Bright Lights and Big City
  • Dinosaur Planet
  • Enchanted Woodland

In Paws, Claws and Whiskers we explore the jungles of the world to discover some interesting animals. Then, we jump on the red bus to London and take a tour of all the attractions. Next, we travel back to the time of the dinosaurs, and bring back some precious cargo. Finally, Enchanted Woodland sends us off into space to search for magical creatures and our animal friends.

Please have a look at our class blog, for exciting photographs and news of our activities.

If you have any questions, please come and see me after school.

To find out what we are learning at the moment, please click on the link below.


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