Supporting Your Child’s Learning

At Mab’s Cross, as in all schools, we know that children thrive when there is a good relationship between home and school. This page is designed to help us to communicate our expectations for each year group to our parents and carers so that they can support their child at home when working on homework, or doing any extra work with them.

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The documents below show what kind of things the children will be working on in each year group for the various areas of English.

English Targets Y1      English Targets Y2      English Targets Y3

English Targets Y4      English Targets Y5      English Targets Y6


The documents below are curricular targets for maths, so you can see what the children will be working on. These are not the entire curriculum, but a good indication of the kind of maths your child will be covering.

Maths Targets Y1       Maths Targets Y2       Maths Targets Y3

Maths Targets Y4      Maths Targets Y5        Maths Targets Y6

Below are the ‘non’negotiables’ for each year group: the letter explains exactly what they are, but basically these are the minimum expectations that we would expect from a child working within each year group. They do not represent the entire curriculum, so are similar to the maths targets. However, there are some examples of questions and some exercises to go through with your child if you wish to do so.

Maths non negotiables letter

Mathematics-Non-Negotiables-Year-1          Mathematics-Non-Negotiables-Year-2

Mathematics-Non-Negotiables-Year-3          Mathematics-Non-Negotiables-Year-4

Mathematics-Non-Negotiables-Year-5          Mathematics-Non-Negotiables-Year-6

Calculation Meetings

Calculation policy meetings will be held over the next twelve months. Year one and Year two meetings have already taken place. The PowerPoints from these presentations can be viewed as PDFs below to help you support your child whilst working at home. The PowerPoints from future meetings will be uploaded shortly after each meeting.

Calculation Strategies for Parents Y1

Calculation Strategies for Parents Y5 & 6

Online Learning

There are a number of websites with revision notes and games to support practice within the ‘Learning Websites’ tab in the ‘Children’ menu. Click here to divert straight to it.